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Happy Hour ft Wendi, Dyson and Colyn McDonald
Party Starter
Visage Live at Junkanoo Carnival Bahamas
Trip to Beijing, China 2016



All About Visage

The Bahamas Timothy Award in 1982 as the country’s “Top Non-Recording Band”
“I Come To Party” – Song of the Year 2016 – Island 102.9 FM, Nassau, Bahamas.

VISAGE, the Bahamas’ number one party band, was formed in 1981 when its leader, Obi Pindling, returned to the Bahamas from law school in the United Kingdom. Over these many years and despite mumerous changes to the frontline, Visage has not only succeeded in remaining relevant but also in  maintaining its superior level of crowd satisfaction with its performances. Their non-stop, energetic, high-power stage performances are legendary.


Though, at home today, Visage is known primarily known as a soca band, this is terribly misleading.  Without a doubt, however Visage is arguably, the most versatile live band in the Bahamas, effortlessly transitioning from genre to genre, original music to covers during their performances.  This versatility has become Visage’s trademark as they are more than adequately capable of satisfying audiences of almost any age demographic. From the Bahamas’ traditional rake n’ scrape and junkanoo to Eastern Caribbean soca to traditional jazz to contemporary jazz to reggae to old school R&B/funk/disco to contemporary top 40  …… you name it and Visage performs it ……. and well.

Visage has performed all across the Bahamas and internationally in the US, Canada and the wider Caribbean (including Trinidad Carnival 2002 to 2004).


Over the years, the band has recorded five CD’s, spawning such memorable #1 hits as “Das Junkanoo”, “Energy”, “Conch Soup”, “Come Into My Room”, “Nuttin’ In It”, “You Better Move On”, “Hold Ya Head”, “Ring Play”, “Money”, “Still Need A Man”, “Big Sexy”, “Six & Half Dozen”, “Til Meh Time Come”, “Baby Daddy” and “Oh Lo Lo” just to name a “few”.


In December 2013, the band released a single entitled “Happy Hour” featuring Dyson Knight and at the time, its new female vocalist, the sexy, sultry Wendy Lewis, along with Colyn McDonald on lead vocals.  This single signaled the band’s fusion of indigenous Bahamian junkanoo rhythms with contemporary music sounds the results of which were phenomenal. It remained #1 on the local charts for over 4 weeks. In 2014, the band released its first ever video to support the “Happy Hour” release.


In 2015, the band released a new single entitled “One Song” featuring Wendy Lewis on lead vocal which was also supported by a video.


In January 2016, Visage continued its dominance on the Bahamian music scene with the scintillating and extremely catchy soca release entitled “Le Bam Bam” featuring Benje on lead vocals which very quickly became, and remains today as, a monster hit nationally.  


February  2016, signaled the release of yet a new single by Visage entitled “Party Starter” – another dancefloor stomper - featuring Erica Lightbourn and Shawn Ferguson on lead vocals. “Party Starter” captured all the energy Visage projects on stage and was yet another monster hit not only in the Bahamas, but also in the wider Caribbean region and elsewhere.


December 2017, saw the release of yet another smash single, a “242 Junkanoo Remix” of a Bajan Crop Over tune called “Can’t Get Enough” feat Benje on lead vocals.

In addition, several of the band’s all-star frontline members are successful solo artists in their own right with such monster hits such as:

Dyson Knight’s “I Come To Party” (along with Rik Carey), “Free”, “Play”, “Just Vibes” and,

Wendi’s “Een Missin’ It”, “Down Home Party”, “Take A Wine” & “Attitude” and,

Benje’s “Rum, Rum”, “Insane”, “Jewels Of Desire” & “Masqueraders”and,

“Tropical Heaven” by Nehemiah Hield.


It is no understatement that over the years, Visage has unquestionably been the number one party band in the Bahamas, however recent history has shown that this dynamic, multi-talented band and specifically, its lead vocalists, has consistently dominated the airwaves in the Bahamas with quality music resulting in hit after hit after hit.

Our Current Members are:

Dyson Knight – Lead & background vocals (2017 Elevation Award Winner – Male Artist of the Year)

Wendy Lewis – Lead & background vocals (2017 Elevation Award Winner – Female Artist of the Year)

Nehemiah Hield – Lead & background vocals (Marlin Award Winner)

Benjamin 'Benje' Alexander – Lead Vocals, Samples and Sequences

Shawn Ferguson – Lead & background vocals

Charisa Smith – Lead & background Vocals

Elenita Wong – Background vocals

Obi Pindling – Keyboards and Guitar

Ian Young – Bass

Samuel Lightbourne – Guitar and bass

Carlos Dean - Drums

Keiran Roker – Keyboards

Antoyne “Jinx” Hinsey – keyboards


Sound Engineers

Kristen Johnsonson

Leonardo “Sniper” Rodgers


The Bahamas Timothy Award in 1982 as the country’s “Top Non-Recording Band”

Miami Carnival 1998 – 2nd Place in the “Best Band On The Road”

Trinidad Carnival 2004 – First band from the Bahamas to perform and play on the road

“Happy Hour” - #1 on radio charts for 4 weeks

“One Song” – Song of the Year for 2015 – Island FM 102.9 FM, Nassau, Bahamas.

“I Come To Party” – Song of the Year 2016 – Island 102.9 FM, Nassau, Bahamas.

“I Come To party” – 2016 Icon Awards Song of the Year

“I Come To Party” – 2017 Elevation Awards Winner for “Song of the Year”

Dyson Knight – Elevation Awards 2017 Male Artist of the Year

Wendy Lewis – Icon Awards 2017 – Female Artist of the Year





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